New Abode

Its been two days that I moved to Bangalore, after staying in Mumbai for a good 7 years. Missing Mumbai in ways I can't express, but at the same time looking forward to a new life which awaits me in this new city called Bangalore. I so am ready to write a new story. An... Continue Reading →

Bracing my sorrow

Vague NaPoWriMo day 22 Poem. Wrote on the prompt by WordPress today. The prompt is : Vague and so is my poem !   The heart beats to a different tune these days brittle smiles followed by tears, sunrise and sunset is inevitable on life around so wipe that tear brace yourself   erase that... Continue Reading →


Lollipop Those summer nights still fresh in my mind as we lay on our roof top gazing at the stars, finding their look alike, drawing shapes in the sky joining the star dots flaunting my calibre I made animals and a flowers   Eagerly waiting to spot a shooting star shower looking left and right  but just then again , like... Continue Reading →

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