The Thunder..

A vivid memories etched in my heart  one rainy July morning, when the sky had surrendered  to the grey sheets and thunder.  We were in our class and it was getting pitch dark The teacher unmoved by the romance outside  Went around doing her usual  I was losing interest in the grey words  To fall... Continue Reading →

Who am I ..

Who am I .. I am still looking for that answer My humble Soliloquy attempts Seems so blank. I belong everywhere yet I don't owe a thing. Came to life 40 years back. Have behind me a lot of memories Some are good - some not so bad. Lots of learnings more baggage. I want... Continue Reading →

My School and Christmas

I went to a Convent school in Delhi and my school had a Catholic Church within the campus. As I recollect, everything about my school was welcoming & grand..The school assembly was an everyday affair as we dragged through our daily rituals of the morning prayers like Oh Father in Heaven and other sing along hymns and rhymes.The... Continue Reading →

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