Hymn of life

Tonight I start a new book. This book on deathI am Intrigued by it, I too will face her one day. Lost my dad to this mystery two years backI wonder where he is now and is he smiling now?The illness took away his smile, he didn’t smile for many weeks before his death.He was... Continue Reading →

Precious Pleasures

“I Appreciate…those spring mornings in my gardenwhen I ran behind the butterfliesamongst the fragrant flowers. I appreciate those flowers, that I plucked gently with grandma, learning their names a new each day. Still remember the soft touch of those petals and the pricks of the hidden thorns, teaching me to practice caution even while being... Continue Reading →

New Abode

Its been two days that I moved to Bangalore, after staying in Mumbai for a good 7 years. Missing Mumbai in ways I can't express, but at the same time looking forward to a new life which awaits me in this new city called Bangalore. I so am ready to write a new story. An... Continue Reading →


I don’t learn my lessons wellSo I err again and yet again Is it because that I easily forget all the pain I went through that I don’t learn my lessons so well !?How is it with you? Hey, the learnings from my mistakes do stay for a while shedding a tear  Nodding a nay in disapproval"I... Continue Reading →


  The tinnitus of silence Played a cacophony of its own Or was it a quietude of a different kind. When my heart opened To the purity of gratification  All the insatiable desires Died silently.   Drenching my core in serenity Screaming like an echo Reverberating from deep inside. Stirring goosebumps to all my sides Silence... Continue Reading →


Glimmer   Shine faintly with a wavering light  That is what glimmer means  I didn't know that ( so I searched the net ) But since it does rhyme with shimmer So I thought the meaning of glimmer must be nice  I was right !! So, I glimmered shyly and took pride And I hope... Continue Reading →

Obtuse Heads

Froth   The sun rose again today Just like the every day screams Which comes from nooks and corners Of my cities, villages and streets My country called India 'Mera Bharat Mahan' Is shamed yet again Dekho kahan gayi iski shaan ?   It’s no big deal you know Girls-women-moms-daughters Some sisters and some wives... Continue Reading →

He spoke from above

Luminescent   Luminescent glow  From the sky , spoke to me — looks like , dad called my name     In Response to The Daily Post - One word prompt Day 10 NaPoWriMo ( daily poem challenge ) Haiku April 10th 2018

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