This composer musician from Greecehas melted my heart and brings me lot of peacehis love for music- Oh yes it shows his smile reaching his eyeshe rocks and he knows. Soul stirring music transports me  to a beautiful world that I have known Renegade swept me with it’s arpeggio  and I dreamt driving through the pine... Continue Reading →

Raptor my friend

An eagle lingers outside my window  on more days than onelooking for somethingor searching my soulwith his searching mean eyes What did he see that day with his prying eyes as he gazed inside my windowsitting on my window siland looking at me I saw you the other day sitting on my window our eyes did... Continue Reading →


I don’t learn my lessons wellSo I err again and yet again Is it because that I easily forget all the pain I went through that I don’t learn my lessons so well !?How is it with you? Hey, the learnings from my mistakes do stay for a while shedding a tear  Nodding a nay in disapproval"I... Continue Reading →


We met after many months maybe years all five of us. Each eager to see each other, we long time friends holding strong bonds within Each facing challenges and stubborn vices. Each fighting our own battles emerging victorious in ways best known to us. Some hidden desires,some painful veins. Oblivion to all of that,we sit... Continue Reading →

If I had wings

If I had wings, I would fly to the mountains to the highest valleys, and be amidst its grandiose meadows and forests zipping my way down down down. Flying and passing through the pine~the cedar~the firmaking a willowing sound. make friends with the boreal~the Hermit thrush learn their summer songs. If I had wings, I... Continue Reading →


 A Long Long Time Ago   I see this place every afternoon in my dream I return to this very house quite oftenAnd find myself cleaning the floor  Washing every corner with some water and foam.. A granny sits there knocking her head. Smiling at me, a toothless grinmore often from her bed. The floor... Continue Reading →


( My self instructing Poem) Till I fix a few things alright I would need some more time to learn unlearn the traits of this scheming world to be just like you sans a frown I will need some more time. To get better with myself or to love thyself more,to heal the wounds that still bleed inside I need some more time.. To make... Continue Reading →

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