Raptor my friend

An eagle lingers outside my window  on more days than onelooking for somethingor searching my soulwith his searching mean eyes What did he see that day with his prying eyes as he gazed inside my windowsitting on my window siland looking at me I saw you the other day sitting on my window our eyes did... Continue Reading →

The golden glow..

Churn   I am Churning out a Haiku today, and this is my very first Haiku attempt.   Sun kissed the hills afar With its radiant gold glow As I sipped my tea    This is in response to The Daily Post and Day 4 NaPoWriMo April 4th,  2018    

To be or not to be

Explore A tiny speck in this universe worthy or not why am I here still to explore that thought   A deep look inside would answer some questions kept aside to be or not to be adding value to those around me   Do I have a purpose in life or am I just swaying... Continue Reading →

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