Parijat – Night Jasmine

Parijat - The Night Jasmine In love with this obscure flower since my childhood autumn months filled my lane with her fragrance divine allured by its beauty and intoxicated by it's scent I stood under that tree many a times in awe of its beauty, colour and many tell-tales I vow to have one such... Continue Reading →

Those trembling hands..

Placid  calm resilient  there she stood.    Gray wrinkled fragile  all in white.    Memories  came rushing  as she sat.   Holding  yellow daffodils a candle white.   Tears of pain  dropped like pearls.    His  presence,redolent  she could sense     Her  only son  from his grave   smiled  seeing his mom,yellow flowers. © Preeti... Continue Reading →

I shall await..

Our prompt for the day 8 (optional as always) asks you to peruse the work of one or more of these twitter bots, and use a line or two, or a phrase or even a word that stands out to you, as the seed for your own poem. Need an example? Well, there’s actually quite... Continue Reading →

Toilet Paper

And speaking of news, today our prompt (optional, of course) is another oldie-but-goodie: a poem based on a news article. Frankly, I understand why you might be avoiding the news lately, but this is a good opportunity to find some “weird” and poetical news stories for inspiration. So here is my NewsPoem. SYDNEY: A fight over... Continue Reading →

Without my cycle

Today, I have not taken my cycle with me I go out every evening to fetch some milk  for my mom and me But today , I am just going to walk  But , why my feet don’t seem to touch the ground? Scared, as the gap widens between me and the road I try... Continue Reading →

The Thunder..

A vivid memories etched in my heart  one rainy July morning, when the sky had surrendered  to the grey sheets and thunder.  We were in our class and it was getting pitch dark The teacher unmoved by the romance outside  Went around doing her usual  I was losing interest in the grey words  To fall... Continue Reading →

Bird’s eye view

I saw it in your eyes You envy me You have dreams to fly like me Amidst mountains and valleys and cross oceans. I don’t like the way you eat What do I eat ?  I live on whatever little you drop here and there Small things suffice Since I have a small appetite and... Continue Reading →

New Abode

Its been two days that I moved to Bangalore, after staying in Mumbai for a good 7 years. Missing Mumbai in ways I can't express, but at the same time looking forward to a new life which awaits me in this new city called Bangalore. I so am ready to write a new story. An... Continue Reading →


This composer musician from Greecehas melted my heart and brings me lot of peacehis love for music- Oh yes it shows his smile reaching his eyeshe rocks and he knows. Soul stirring music transports me  to a beautiful world that I have known Renegade swept me with it’s arpeggio  and I dreamt driving through the pine... Continue Reading →

Raptor my friend

An eagle lingers outside my window  on more days than onelooking for somethingor searching my soulwith his searching mean eyes What did he see that day with his prying eyes as he gazed inside my windowsitting on my window siland looking at me I saw you the other day sitting on my window our eyes did... Continue Reading →

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