About my blog

Hello there !Thanks for dropping in. I call myself an accidental writer and a reluctant poet. I find myself friendlier with verse than with prose.

Often Ineloquent but writing my thoughts down often in verse seems less complicated” ! I am inspired by everything beautiful like life itself..

Verses fill me up with fragrance of a different kind. Don’t ask me to explain my thoughts as I pour them out with all my mite. the colours of the butterfly and the shades of nature inspire me and my old soul. Forever in love with myself and full of gratitude in my heart I sit down to write a new song on days when my laid back soul is less languorous!

Mostly filled with poems of all kind you will find a shade of me and you in them. Welcome to MyLifeIsMyMaking blog. Do leave a comment of praise or advice. Waiting to hear from you.

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