a reluctant poet..

A very procrastinating one she is
lost in her own devoir on days together.
Surfaces randomly, on a wish to
conquer the world by quilling her thoughts on paper.  

Sometimes in awe of her own self,
stoked by the masterpieces she creates.
O'er demure when called a wordsmith
by her supporting tribe and mates.

Sometimes, the world worst critic,
judging herself and her craft with the crème de la crème.  
Placid most of the times, yet  
Pensive and bashful to take the limelight.

Unassuming and ardent to learn and replace,
her learnings and knowledge from experience and grace.
Polishing her pieces and her craft
the artist within me – is as humble as moi.
The artist within me..
yearns for some appreciation
traversing many pastures, esurient
she forever, is a charged cation.

Wants to shine like a star 
create ripples like raindrops around.
Striving straining seeking
her thoughts are mostly profound.

Solitude is her heaven
I often find her at peace ~ lost amongst the mountains.
Imagining endless shapes and figures in the clouds.  
Just leave in her the woods ~ embracing huge trees.  
that is the place I find her breathing within me.  
©️ Preeti S.Manaktala


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