Karma Returns

A seed is planted knowingly, sometimes unknowingly

It stays dormant for a while

So you pass the deed into oblivion

And walk on your desired chosen path ..

A failure , a loss cometh

You don’t know who to blame

And point fingers every where

Blame destiny – blame luck.

Whilst the devils inside you groans and grows

To counter claim and to take revenge.

You err more , ebb more and cause more pain.

‘Tit for tat’ you say

You can’t be weak now!

So you go around doing your thing, your way now

With all your perceptions , your egos and your mights

Consoling yourself “Only the fittest survive, I am here to win this game”

Months and years surrender , but you

wearing the same attitude on your sleeve

Getting tougher meaner to the core.

Having lost your innocence eons ago

You are a changed man – a changed soul

But you call yourself “evolved”!

Thus the downhill begins with your descend.

Universe brings back some deja vu delights,

Aligning you to your own rhythm

Karma waits to shine

Keeping your scores on his mind.

All this ? What score ? You ask ..

Don’t you remember, Don’t you recall ?

You ask : why me , What did I do to get this ?

Failing to accept that-

You dropped your innateness and innocence

To run in this race

To be amongst the powerful and tough

So why now complain ?

Karma is like reverberating echoes

from a mountain,

With a boomerang flow.

What you sow only shall you reap.

Karma knows your address

It returns and how ?

© Preeti S Manaktala

Day 30

NaPoWriMo 2020

And last, but not least, our final (optional) prompt! In some past years, I’ve challenged you to write a poem of farewell for our thirtieth day, but this year, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem about something that returns.

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