My childhood bedroom..

A four feet square bedroom window 
with horizontal iron bars
on them , I used to climb and hang long hours. 
The window connected out to our balcony 
overlooking a mango tree and a petit garden.
Life in those government quarters 
where I was born breed and grew 
those were the most endearing days
I just cannot forget my first house 
which had rooms just two! 
A double bed placed to the left of the wall 
though big enough for us two sisters 
was a battlefield of sorts. 
A clear partition was done on its head rest 
which demarcated our equal share to this throne. 
Next to this bed was my favourite wall 
from where Tom cruise perpetually 
stared at me with his deep grey eyes
making me blush every time our eyes met
A beautiful wall mirror in cast iron
About 5 feet tall 
Was put up against the wall
It was a cosy place for us beautiful growing girls.
A shelf next to it adorned all our beauty needs
From glitter nail paints to hair brushes 
To different colour bindis, bangles and rings
necklaces made of rubies and pearl strings.
A study table on the opposite end of my room
holding books on various subjects 
few borrowed Mills & Boon too 
hiding under that academic stack.
still cherish and remember
a pen stand that I made from an empty coke can. 
Adjacent to the table 
Was our wardrobe in wood 
Shared again by us two sisters 
another reason for our constant taekwondo  
Why? My section being neat & tidy 
and hers, always a complete mess. 
Upper shelf in the cupboard 
had all of my favourite things 
birthday cards from Archies 
various stickers and fancy things 
Archie comics and a piggy bank
gifted perfume named Ivana 
love songs cassette which were carefully 
recorded from the 9 pm FM show.  
Wall clock from Berger paints 
which was always kept - 10 minutes ahead
lest we miss the school bus 
in the morning rush we dread.

Those bygone days I fondly remember
And often miss that home
that lane , that bus stop
those childhood friends
a carefree stroll every evening
to the ice cream van 
waiting at the end of my lane ..
©Preeti S Manaktala
day 28

Today’s prompt being optional : Describe a bedroom from your past in a series of descriptive paragraphs or a poem. It could be your childhood room, your grandmother’s room, a college dormitory or another significant space from your life.

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