Precious Pleasures

“I Appreciate…
those spring mornings in my garden
when I ran behind the butterflies
amongst the fragrant flowers.
I appreciate those flowers, that I plucked gently with grandma, learning their names a new each day.
Still remember the soft touch of those petals
and the pricks of the hidden thorns, teaching me to practice caution
even while being carefree, they warned.

Those fireflies that I loved to catch,
twinkling like yellow sapphire in my little palms.
Fearing their light would fade away, free them soon sans qualms.
To those countless stars that put me to sleep, singing a silent lullaby
as I counted on them often with dad, on hot summer nights.

Those clouds up high, made me design different shapes in the sky,
I reckoned a running rabbit, dinosaur, crocodile, a bear with a missing ear
sometimes a ghost with just one eye.
Dear clouds you taught me to look for happy things in this hazy life.

To the gentle breeze that made my hand-made windmill swirl in happy circles
or that sunrise that peeped into my room after a scary storm,
waking me up to a clear warm day,
teaching me nothing is permanent.
Be it life, the calm or even the storm.

The monsoon water streams down the road 
that made my crooked paper boat-float afar, 
widening my smile and my pride.
you taught me to keep moving forward 
all through the hurdles of life.

To the petrichor that made me run to the window
with my hands spread wide
to feel the first rain of the season.
you made me intuit to our creator
He who cares without a reason.

To the moon that follows my car till this very day
I now follow him and his subtle advice
Never underestimate your own little light
Let it shine bright brighter and bright

These little favourite things of mine have always added spring to my steps, teaching me kindness, filling me with love
adding gentleness to my life.
I often bow down to thee.”

© Preeti S Manaktala

Day 18 NaPoWriMo2020

Our optional prompt for the day also honors the idea of Saturday (the Saturdays of the soul, perhaps?), by challenging you to write an ode to life’s small pleasures. Perhaps it’s the first sip of your morning coffee. Or finding some money in the pockets of an old jacket. Discovering a bird’s nest in a lilac bush or just looking up at the sky and watching the clouds go by.

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