Without my cycle

Today, I have not taken my cycle with me
I go out every evening to fetch some milk 
for my mom and me
But today , I am just going to walk 
But , why my feet don’t seem to touch the ground?

Scared, as the gap widens between me and the road
I try to push myself low
I am out to buy milk for my mom you see
I fear, I will spill it all over me ! 

Last week I got the milk on my cycle
I met a friend and we raced 
I was way ahead of her 
but then ran into a pole
Spilling all the milk on myself and the road.

My Mom got very angry that day
and I think she’ll be again today
I am flying , Oh I am flying
I am trying to get down, Oh I am trying
my feet have springs on them today it seems.

A little ahead, a neighbour aunty I spy
I request her and plead her 
“Aunty please pull me down
I am out to buy some milk,
Please pull me down or 
I am scared it will spill”

She just laughs at me and turns right
No one to help me in my sight
My mom 
today she is not going to be just mad
today I am going definitely going to be trashed.

“Drink your milk drink your milk fast ”
she shouts. 
Pulling my blanket 
puffing in and out
I am sorry I won’t do it again 
I yell as I wake up shocked

Seeing a glass of milk on the table 
and my school clothes ironed 
Phew ! 
I ran and hugged my mom
off to the bathroom
With great aplomb..

©Preeti S Manaktala

Our prompt for the day 4 of  NaPoWriMo asks us to write a poem based on an image from a dream.

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