The Thunder..

A vivid memories etched in my heart 
one rainy July morning, when the sky had surrendered 
to the grey sheets and thunder. 

We were in our class and it was getting pitch dark
The teacher unmoved by the romance outside 
Went around doing her usual 

I was losing interest in the grey words 
To fall in love with the grey heavens above 
I saw the classroom in a new light that day 

The whole class looked so wonderfully dark a notch different shade 
the wet whiffs , the unabashed breeze 
Kissed my young face 

The dewy petrichor absorbed me slowly 
The teacher slowly disappeared 
as the swaying eucalyptus trees
kept calling my name ! 

How did they know my name ? 
I wondered !

As I dreamily gaped outside the window
A chalk came flying at me
Hitting my head.

Now , on such rainy days like these 
when my kids are off to school 
I sip my tea looking out to the pouring sky
And wonder , if they too , will fall in love with the view outside their window. 

© Preeti S Manaktala

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