Bird’s eye view

I saw it in your eyes
You envy me
You have dreams to fly like me
Amidst mountains and valleys and cross oceans.

I don’t like the way you eat
What do I eat ? 
I live on whatever little you drop here and there
Small things suffice
Since I have a small appetite and shorter life.

I am a quail
Every branch is my home
But I am scared of humans
I scuffle when I see them
I don’t trust them

I know a man who ate my eggs 
I had five, he cooked three in his kitchen
I sat on his balcony for a week
He recorded me on his cell phone
He thought I came every day to sing for him.
But I was crying and asking him where are my kids 
I still cry for them. 

I derive my pleasure from my own music
Sometimes I sing for the world 
Most often for myself alone
I have a short life
But my flights and songs are strong. 

I seldom fight the wind 
I like the way she swoops me with her
My life is short and I want to see it all
I see the world from a different height 

World is huge , I often spot the horizon
But you are petit in every which way
From where I see you
I don’t trust you
I have seen many like me , caged. 

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