New Abode

Its been two days that I moved to Bangalore, after staying in Mumbai for a good 7 years. Missing Mumbai in ways I can’t express, but at the same time looking forward to a new life which awaits me in this new city called Bangalore. I so am ready to write a new story.

An empty book in my hand

With fresh pages to fill.

These pages will gather

biblichor of it’s own will.

As Blank as my own foresight

ready for a story, I shall begin to write.

As I turn these pages

with excitement and caution.

Holding my glimpses of experiences with precaution.

Things learnt in the past will hold my perceptions for now.

But that won’t scare me

to touch untamed grounds somehow.

Doing what is right is simply ingrained in my core

Acquaintances and friends will stay to the fore

While new characters will emerge

Playing parts of their own.

New chapters will unfold,and a few I shall delete.

Adding new characters, some cronies sans foes.

Will you be a part of this story of mine?

Cheering and smiling with me

as we go on this ride.

I have many promises to keep,

first promise to myself

only good I shall reap.

Copyright © Preeti S Manaktala

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