Raptor my friend

An eagle lingers outside my window 
on more days than one
looking for something
or searching my soul
with his searching mean eyes

What did he see that day
with his prying eyes
as he gazed inside my window
sitting on my window sil
and looking at me

I saw you the other day 
sitting on my window
our eyes did meet
for the very first time and
I thought I saw my reflection in you

Did you see me talking to myself that day
contemplating my thoughts
some ones rude behaviour
had ruined my day

Did you find me foolish that day
as I rolled on the floor laughing and playing 
with my sunny boy
we laughed mindlessly on a joke 
I cuddled him~tickled him
and didn’t want him to go 
locked him in my arms
so I could play some more
Oh! What fun we had.

Saw you looking at me the other day
with your calm eagle eyes
when I yelled in anger
cursed out loud cries with swollen eyes
and then the other day when I adorned myself 
to look beautiful
you saw me, didn’t you? 
as I spruced my lips with red gloss
a new dress 
I was ecstatic that day
basking in compliments gifts and galore

You often hover outside my window
on those sunless grey days
did you see me cry in pain  
listening to my dad's favourite song
it brought back good memories
of the time before he left ~ not so long 

Will you keep coming this way
each day every day
we have an inchoate friendship between us
I do look forward to your visits..

©Preeti S Manaktala

Day 23 NaPoWriMo 2019

And now for our daily prompt (optional, as always)! Taking a cue from Bishop, I’d like to challenge you today to write a poem about an animal. If you’d like to take a look at some other poems for inspiration, you might like James Dickey’s “The Dusk of Horses,” or Tennyson’s “The Eagle.”

Happy Reading!

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