Hot Chocolate

Can you get me hot chocolate as you promised today?  

Sure my darling, as soon we would get off the train.

Cover your head and zip up your jacket, it's a cold day

December is here and it may rain.

Mother hold my hand don't leave me behind

the shop is far and we have to walk down a mile.

But you can share my hot chocolate, since I am so kind.

Oh! you are my darling and they both smiled.

Only ten dollars in her wallet and still two week before payday

Was life chilling or is it only the winters as they say!

A tear fearing to fall, but it fell down any way

on the clasped hand of her angel as they debarked the train.

Uhm mommy! Can hot chocolate wait? I can't walk another mile,

I am so tired and have homework to file !

NaPoWriMo Day 4 , And now for today’s (optional) prompt, inspired by Teicher’s poem “Son“. One thing you might notice about this poem is that it is sad, but that it doesn’t generate that feeling through particularly emotional words. The words are very simple. Another thing you might notice is that it’s a sonnet – not in strict iambic pentameter, but fourteen rhymed, relatively short lines. 

Today, we’d like to challenge you to write your own sad poem, but one that, like Teicher’s, achieves sadness through simplicity. Playing with the sonnet form may help you – its very compactness can compel you to be straightforward, using plain, small words.

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