A Long Long Time Ago

I see this place every afternoon in my dream
I return to this very house quite often
And find myself cleaning the floor 
Washing every corner with some water and foam..

A granny sits there knocking her head.
Smiling at me, a toothless grin
more often from her bed.
The floor is dark and grey
 I splash water over it everyday..

 Cleaning the floor every time in my dreams
Is someone coming or am I leaving this very day?
I could never understand what this dream says to me
But I know this place, the granny and
That mango tree..

My head is covered with a black cloth all around my face 
I am a women in this dream and yes this is me
Is this my last birth that steps into my present
Every afternoon as I go to sleep..

I want to visit this place once with open eyes
Before I leave this body and say all good byes
What does it try to tell me every time?
Maybe some broken ties and unsaid good byes.

©Preeti S. Manaktala

NaPOWriMo 2019 Day 3. And now for today’s prompt (optional as always). Today’s prompt is based in a poem by Larry Levis called “The Two Trees.” It is a poem that seems to meander, full of little digressions, odd bits of information, but fundamentally, it is a poem that takes time. It takes its time getting where it’s going, and the action of the poem itself takes place over months. Today, I’d like to challenge you to similarly write something that involves a story or action that unfolds over an appreciable length of time. Perhaps, as you do, you can focus on imagery, or sound, or emotional content (or all three!)

Happy Reading !


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