Get back in my womb again!

Wanna take you back when my womb would breathe

Your soft glow, the smell of vernix so sweet

Those tiny little fingers pink at the tips

Mittens covering them so your face wouldn’t chip

As you latched for feeds with fervid eyes

Your interim smiles, spilling milk on my thighs

So tight was your hold on my finger my heart

You were my apple you are my tart

Oh I still remember

that hurried feeding that day

when my weak bladder just couldn’t wait

As I rushed to relive myself

But came back and cried

My baby had slept on half stomach

Oh! he didn’t whine -he didn’t cry

The full curve of your cheek that I could see

As you slept like an angel turned on one side

The rubbing of your eyes and your yawns so deep

Wish I could engulf you as one big sweet

That day when you cried from your cot with open arms

As you wanted me to carry you out

I looked past you but why didn’t I stop

Had chores to finish before your bath

Oh why did I not stop everything at hand that day

My bad – such a disdain I was !

When at five, those words that you spoke

were pronounced so sweetly un-right !

Shoot! Why did I correct them

I fear, now you pronounce them so right !

Can you speak again like that once more

Can you get back again into that cot

Can you get back in my womb again and give me

Those moments that I have lost

You turn ten today and still tug at my heart

You are my teacher and you are my part

You have taught so much with your

Cuddles and warmth

God please give me the powers to reverse the clock

Or just the power to-PAUSE.

©Preeti S Manaktala

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