NaPoWriMo Day 30 : Yahoo ! Finally I have successfully written 30 Poems for the 30 days in April. I end this journey with pride, elation and lot of learnings  ! Thanks for each one who read my poems and encouraged me by their sheer presence .

I have skipped away from the prompt provided by Napowrimo and chose to write on the prompt provided by The Daily Post . The Prompt is : Astonish

Here is my last poem for April ..



I surprise myself very often

by hibernating

turning into a mimosa plant

Strange, that I continue

to be astonished

by synchronicity  

hypocrisies of the world

words that kill my heart

a million times over

Strange, that I still 

encore my forgivings

on a repeat mode

to spot one fair deed

under the ugliness of your debris

Strange, I watch myself fall

and break again

in my own boiling blood

Strange, I pay heed to 

an armchair critic 

and not to my inner voice

the world is full of belligerent heads

I could have faced them better

I could have been strong

from people puffed up with vanity

I could score a fair goal

I thought , I was getting bitter by 

each hurt~bruise~each tremor

that couldn’t make me austere

but then – you came along….💞

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