Napowrimo 2018, Day 26. Today’s prompt (optional as always). Taking our cue from today’s craft resource, we’d like to challenge you to write a poem that includes images that engage all five senses. Try to be as concrete and exact as possible with the “feel” of what the poem invites the reader to see, smell, touch, taste and hear.


Beauty , I see you with the ugly

my eyes choose what I must 

receive to make it a memory 

I shall choose wisely then

what I taken in and what I absorb 


Food appealing to my eyes

will favour my tongue too

flavours and taste I abide by 

bring back a memory or two

I shall eat wisely then

As whatever I consume – will become me 


Praises are sweet to hear

and my name been called by you

music and melodies

that my heart endears

a resonating thought too

is loud and clear 


Your touch evokes a sense of pride

some feelings stay un-described

warm tight hugs from my child 

touches my soul from deep inside


A lingering fragrance so known

tickles my olfactory sense 

evoking the memories stored

few aromas stay with you forever

like moms cooked food 

the scent of your skin 

my favourite bergamot perfume 


Add a filter

to each passing thought

to each morsel the world has to offer

to each sense that imbibes

your senses are the tools 

for your awakening

be careful of what you subscribe ….


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