NaPoWriMo Day 23 : Today’s challenge is to honor this idea a poem based on sounds. 

My recent trip to Himachal took me to a breathtaking place in the Himalayas –NaldehraA quaint town tucked between Shimla and Mandi. I decided not to go sight seeing that day but to explore the hills by foot. Me and my husband set out early in the morning 6:30. As we walked along the misty morning clouds a passerby suggested we must go see the sunrise valley where the sun peeks from behind the mountains, a sight not to be missed.

Here is a brief description of the sounds encountered during my walk through the hills.


Towards the sunrise valley 

an uphill climb

walking through the forest trail

was the burble of a flowing stream near by

perched on a branch above

Himalayan black lores sang

Chi chi chi – Chi chi chi

as if greeting us with a bang

My husband stopped to capture a video

as I kept walking along the marked arrows

amidst the imposing cedar trees

deep into the Himalayas to reach the sunrise point.


‘You can hear your echo from here’ 

said a voice from behind

the old man sells hot tea

his tea stall serving mankind

excited to hear my own echo

I shouted my name to the mountains so high

the wind brought back my name and had me smile

‘I hear something coming close around us

could it be a helicopter up there’ I asked him

Chuckling out loud he said to me 

‘No child , it’s the sound of the wind – whoosh…

Listen, as it whistles and rub against the pines’ 

the aeolian sound from the wind I could hear

as if the trees and the wind

started a conversation they had left behind

Oh that whoosh sounded so divine.


A golden glow from the sun

Kissed life into the valley

deep thoughts awakened my soul

I heard the pine cone fall on the grass with a thud

Scaring the squirrel family

chittering-squeaking they ran

away to hide.

It’s tea time 

the rattle of his tea pan

the clinking of the tea glasses

I sense it is being poured out with a turrrrr

and with a view to behold

I sit on the bench to taste   

the first hot sip of my morning tea while watching

a flock of parrots take flight

Chirping and flapping

quicky out of sight


A faint whistle from the train not too far 

brings a thought 

I must build my house here

Also , bring my guitar

along came a bumble bee

Buzzing and humming around me

as if pleading for a sip from my tea

I hear the chak chak chak – familiar footsteps from behind

turn around to see him and smile 

This is so serene and calm 

I want to stay here forever

He smirked at my whim

We sat on the bench looking at the valley to the fore 

with thick manes of cedar enveloping the pristine adore

He pulled me close  

I rested my head on his shoulders 

lub dub ~ lub dub came the sound

of some heartbeats 💞

was it my heart or his 

counting our blessings . 

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