Today the NaPoWriMo Day 19 challenge is to write a paragraph that briefly recounts a story, describes the scene outside your window, or even gives directions from your house to the grocery store. Now try erasing words from this paragraph to create a poem or, alternatively, use the words of your paragraph to build a new poem.


The days of the monsoon and grey skies brings back vivid memories of my school days. This is one such incident from the days when I was in the middle school.

One Monday morning as I walked to school the sun kept playing hide and seek under the light clouds that came with the soft summer breeze. Mundane Monday was here again and as usual the weekend looked so far away. We were in our classes and it was almost noon and we started with our next chapter from Wuthering Heights .

Slowly as the light clouds turned dark – I lost interest in my book completely by now. Month of July is also the month of monsoon in India. By now the teacher had to switch on the lights in the class to improve visibility. The sky was now dark and grey due to the overcast. Never before today the lights in the class were used as the day slowly turned to look like night.

I could hear the hurling of the clouds, not an inch of sky was visible now. I saw everything in the classroom in a new light today. The whole class looked so wonderfully different that day the tables , chairs, walls the black board, my friends , my teacher … It was such a different day today with no harsh sun as the dark clouds painted my class today with different hues . I could hear the constant chirping of the birds from an outside tree as if they sensed something coming. Suddenly the deafening thunder made the class go whoa! The crackling sound of lightening came next , I couldn’t help but just stare at the sky from my class window. The lightning made the sky bright white for a few seconds as if god switched on his lights too !  Then the skies opened up to let her go, she splashed through the glass windows. The whole world seemed blessed as the drops touched the earth. I could hardly  focus on Wuthering Heights today as the nature outside took to a new peak. The cool breeze, the smell of the earth, dewy petrichor seemed to pull me, made me weak and all I wanted to do was run outside . I saw and wanted to touch the wind that swayed the eucalyptus trees , the wet road , the slowing traffic , the grey skies and the thunder.

I wished my teacher would just cancel the class and let me enjoy my view for today . But alas, that did not happen and Mr. Healthcliff returned back to Catherine wealthier and rich ! !

And now for the Poem that would emerge out of this little story.


Mundane Monday is not the same

as the monsoon beackons

the hurling winds-the grey in the sky 

frightening the birds

as they schemed to fly

the thunder and lightning 

makes me go weak in my knees

is the god angry or smiling at me 

the cold cold rain drops

falling from the sky

leaves the earth a sweet petrichor

that awakens my soul

the rain does this to me

every single time

I wish I could be the wind

that makes the cloud gather

and pour from the sky.


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