Life’s Song



To the one who has written this song

called life

come down and be human for a day

being god must be easy

try wearing our hats for a day

where each day is a new struggle

many roles you would need to juggle

you can’t give up on any 

it ain’t so simple ~ certainly ain’t funny

earning a living and living the earned

the art of wearning masks many

would be no small feat

with an evil and an angel riding your shoulder each day

who would you listen to – the heart or the mind ?

making decisions – serving consequences 

enduring the pains of failures,heartbreaks,losses

illness, fears and internal fights 

gloomy when pockets are empty still willing to fly

brace yourself dear god , there is still more to come by

this body you gave us was it to endure pain 

it acts like a magnet to ailments , new cancer , diseases in vain

who wants to take the bed when this life is so short 

and biggest dilemma of us being

we still don’t know why here we got ! 

it must be easy being a god

try being human for a day

would you see for yourself

humans are mini gods

in their own little ways

mightier than you thought ! 


In response to The Daily Post Promt

NaPoWriMo day 15

April 15 2018





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