Obtuse Heads



The sun rose again today

Just like the every day screams

Which comes from nooks and corners

Of my cities, villages and streets

My country called India

‘Mera Bharat Mahan’

Is shamed yet again

Dekho kahan gayi iski shaan ?


It’s no big deal you know


Some sisters and some wives

Who pleaded to let them go

Pleaded to an inhuman tribe

But were Remorselessly snatched and ruffled

Beaten and murdered

Of their souls and their pride


Rape is very common here

As common as our own breath

Which comes and goes every second

But we just remain unmoved ~ unaware

And those monsters who roam free

With froth in their heads

How strong is your device

That you could turn deaf

To a crying pleading life

Didn’t your conscience pinched you even once

To commit this hideous crime

Are you dunce ?


No candles no marches

Could turn you humane

Just as those slogans

Innumerable signed petitions

That couldn’t move the top guns

Holding  those big chairs

they still wish to wait

before they dissect her

As a ‘Allah’ or a ‘Ram’


So, Why not we just kill – that girl child

Who is yet to be born

She won’t get too far anyways

Soon she will be robbed and torn

Go kill each girl now

That resides in your homes

This earth this country is no longer safe

Nor is your own home ….



Disclaimer: This poem is a satire. The author is not recommending anything here. This is plainly written out of anguish and anger , mocking the state of affairs in this country.

In response to The Daily Post

NaPoWriMo day 12


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