A walk in the rain


I walk down the hill

through the curving mountain road

 an umbrella in my hand

 help me in my downhill strode

it has rained all day today

the skies are again ready to weep

I must manage my steps well

 get home soon

to a glass of wine and lots of sleep


something shimmered through the earth

in those maple leaves

which died on the road

as the autumn weeped

I slowed my self down , looking

at the beaming piece of stone

it was dark purple and shone

with stokes of silver on both ends

as if dropped right from the heavens

for me , my life it could wend


I could place it on my table

such glisten such beguile

should not be left behind

who knows it will turn my talisman

and move my world


all my ties…


In response to The Daily Post: Talisman

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