A twig called human


A little birdie who lived in a forest for many years, was caught by a hunter and taken to town.There she met many people as she was bought and shifted through many cages.

One fine day after many months of staying captive a little boy opened her cage and she said hello to the wind again. As she returned back to her forest she was asked by her friends about her experience with humans. Here she describes them and says they are no different  but very similar to the branches found in the forest .


Oh humans ~ Oh humans !

so open yet so closed

just like those branches

I have forever known

they are twisted and turned

some are hollow and burnt

think highly of themselves

I find them with deep bends

they are soft and vulnerable

some are tough to the core

some tanned and tamed

some stout so feel ashamed

few are green yet so parched

some bare and shallow

waiting to be blessed

with forked egos and pointed fingers

some with a lot of unrest

some young one with old thoughts

seem stubborn and crooked

cracked at the focal

latching like a creeper

each of them trying to survive

in this big race called life

I wish they had wings like me

So they could soar

breath in some fresh air

I wish they could feel LIFE

as alive as it is

but alas they are just branches

with no mind of their own

they imbibe and they seal

from the known to unknown.

Branch : The daily Post.


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