Shine bright like a diamond


Dim are those chances 

Which aren’t shining so bright

But Heart sees the tunnel

And the end has some light

Like my chance to 

Hold a fire fly 

See a flower bloom

Climb the Mt.Everest

Tour this world or

Make wild love tonight

And go right to the moon..


Getting my childhood back

Or Sewing some human cracks

Meeting my father again

Or reviving the past 

These are a few things 

Which have slipped like the sand..



Dim are my chances of 

Scoring those lost marks

In a bygone biology project 

Close to my heart

My role in a musical play 

In school that I lost

Culprit was my failing health

Yeah , It was all my fault 


Some dim chances of mine are

Soon to fade and die

Some I can still revive

 If I earnestly do try

So , don’t let the lights go dim on you

It’s only right that you begin now

As the one that is dim now

Is still left with sparks unknown within.


From The Daily Post : Dim


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