Sparkles within


I see too much

not much is lost

each heart beat

each action ~ each unspoken word

I sense each action with it’s reaction

I know how you feel

Your vibes are limpid to me

I draw back and withdraw on sensing the grey

I cannot ignore the warmth in a prayer

some fake it and some pretend

I pretend not to have seen

As I catch the subtle signs

and that bubble that just passed by me

Wish I didn’t see your venom

I chose to ignore some

and so faked it with my coyly smile 

I dare not tell anyone

No, I dare not offend

I know the truth that lurks behind your smile

I am worried of myself at all times

to face this world alone

It’s going to take some time

While I clean up this humongous pile

They say the world is a mirror

You only see what you hold

I must stop taking myself seriously then

Rube they would call me

If they sense what I sense..

The Daily Post Prompt : Rube

Preeti S Manaktala

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