Doubtful me…


I don’t know if or not I believe in the word reincarnation. What if life is just this what you have right now and when you are dead – you are gone-done and dusted forever, just like a bulb when it fuses is thrown into the bin. Consider yourself like a fused bulb/tube which is of no use once it it dead. What if there is no life after death and no rebirths . What if this life is your only chance to find out all the answers to all the questions that pop in your head. What if Karma is not a bitch after all and just a facade made up by a few good men preached in few books to warn man from becoming a beast. What if ?

What would you do or believe in ?

What do I believe in ? Well , I don’t know !! I simply have no answer ..

Maybe it’s a single life but I am still groping with many ifs and buts in my life . So what do I plan to do ?

Maybe just live this life unattached unexpecting as I know when I will be gone my memories will slowly fade away one day into oblivion. But can I really do that – stay unattached and not expect !

Or maybe I will try and know as much as I can seeking clarity on all the if’s and but’s in my life. Read~ absorb~throw what doesn’t comply with my system. I am sure this would do me some good ! 

But where would I search the answers from ? From the holy books written down ages back ? Is everything written in them is the real truth ? Wish someone could prove it for me. The Bhagwat Gita , The Bible , The Quran, the Tripitaka which one is real ? Or were they written just to save humanity ? Should I reach out for one of them to get enlightened like a light bulb ! 

 On second thought, I think I would like to just live one day at a time , make memories both good and bad, fall get up and fall again, it’s kinda fun you see and as they say – make hay while the sun shines – so I will !

 So to simplify things since I am not reaching anywhere anytime soon and going around in circles with my what if’s and but’s , I am just going to read and gain insight into some matters close to my heart and mostly trust and believe my gut and my instincts for the time being. What say ? 

Till the time I get to all the answers I plan to think, and think a lot, or maybe meditate. Would that help ?  To Simplify untangle and clarify myself ?

So , What are your plans for this one life that you have got ?

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