Those summer nights

still fresh in my mind

as we lay on our roof top

gazing at the stars,

finding their look alike,

drawing shapes in the sky

joining the star dots

flaunting my calibre

I made animals and a flowers


Eagerly waiting to spot

a shooting star shower

looking left and right 

but just then again , like every time

bedazzled by it’s light

I forgot to wish upon it’s swift flight.

What to be wished upon if I spot one again

scattering my thoughts like a comet 

softly he spoke

‘the moon is on leave today

and so is the breeze’

I listen with rapt attention 

to my dad as he knows more

about galaxies and world beyond our reach

seeing a cluster he pointed joyfully
as He spotted the Orion
which looked like a deer 
and that’s an Andromeda my darling

many light years away

Ando what papa ?

the name was big as the distance

made no sense to my compact mind.

It looks like a lollipop to me papa

He looked at me and smiled

as we alighted the steps

I held his hand tight 

and promised to pronounce it right

on our next star gazing night.




                                            Daily Prompt Lollipop

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