This Faux Pas of getting wet..

I So believe in crying. I can cry at the drop of a hat. Crying is like breathing for me. I always carry a handkerchief and a couple of tissues with me in my bag to the PTM’s ( I tend to cry at the accolades, praises or even the criticism showered by the teachers for my kids) . At the movies – my eyes go wet with patriotism for our National anthem to begin with and then to all tender,mushy,emotional moments while my quaint husband squirms looking at me as I blow my nose out. At my kids annual concerts – why ? Of course their performance on stage obviously makes my heart swell and my eyes well up ! 😭 At discourses / lectures about life – its overwhelming, the thoughts that whizz through my mind and the realisation that Oh! I am almost on my way to spirituality and wisdom. So much so for the enlightenment ! So in short any thing that touches my heart makes me cry. Crying is extremely cathartic.

Sometime back , I read somewhere — ‘Tears of happiness drop from your right eye and the tears of hurt flow from your left eye.’ Don’t know if thats true , but one thing is certain – Crying has healed me, my heart , my soul. 

So, am I weak, as I openly declare  that I do cry ? No!!  I cry to stay strong . I cry when I am unable to contain the burden of stress, worry or hurt , also because that is the need of the hour as crying makes me less angry ,less anxious,I can cry because I have a strong heart.No  I ain’t weak !

Crying has made me make peace with reality .. as confronting my feelings has always helped me move forward in life . I mean c’mon ,what’s the point in trying to be strong when you are crumbling on the inside ? If you are broken and hurt – just bleed – let it flow. Keeping it inside whether its the hurt or the tears will weaken you more than you know it.

Crying purges negative energy and allows for new, positive energy to fill us up. Even though I prefer to sometimes put up a brave front and try to let the taps on only  in my solitude moments but having said that ,I firmly believe that crying makes me reflect and introspect, have a dialogue with my own self and fix things in my head. It declutters me.

Some crying facts to ponder :-

  • There is a reasons for women crying more often than men. Women have 60% more prolactin in their bodies than men. Prolactin is a protein that affects the endocrine system, which may cause women to cry more often than men.Well then crying doesn’t make you the weaker sex – it certainly makes you much more stronger. See how we women bounce back at life and tough situation after a loud bad cry in the shower !! Oh that Shower cry is good ! You come out looking more beautiful.Really .
  • Your tears are of 3  basic types

Basal tears – which clean and lubricate your eyes.

Reflex tears – which drain when your eyes are irritated by things like onions, smoke..

Emotional tears – And this one needs no explanation !

  • According to William Frey II, a biochemist and director of the Psychiatry Research Laboratories – “It’s important that we evolved this ability to cry, if you can alleviate stress by crying , you can prevent stress damage to the heart and brain, and improve long-term survival. You See that !
  • Resolve the unresolved issues with someone with your meltdown – It is this moment when one person bursts into tears that the flow of the conversation shifts toward a more serious discussion. You crying means ‘its time to talk’ for someone and it brings along a shift in the attitude of the one who cares. Crying shows that something very important is bothering you down. Tough and rough egos makes way for a smooth communication. So,Please don’t hold back those tears, just let them roll. Let the negativity and hurt flow out. You will feel lighter – Calmer. Crying is humbling, it makes you look inward.It makes you know your true self.

And now for the Men out there – Didn’t you cry as a child ? Do you feel that this state of vulnerability would makes you look fragile ? Or , Do you feel,crying is for women alone ? The most loved President of United States – Obama has made crying look good. He has wept numerous time during his speeches quite effortlessly.

All the men out there need to learn how to let go and cry from Obama!!

Believe me when depression strikes and the going gets tough – a good cry really helps. Crying with someone or alone is better than no crying at all. Keep your male ego aside, save yourself a heart attack and let the tension stress pass out through those salty tears. No one will judge you ..

Very often, our kids whine and cry when hurt but sometimes it could only be to gain your attention. Don’t just run up to them , if the issue isn’t big and doesn’t calls for your attention just let them be. Don’t wipe away their tears , give them some time alone of course while still being around.Let your child take control of his / her emotions & tears once in a while . Tears are healers. Let them learn to self console themselves at times. Remember, you’ll be not around forever. Crying will help them reflect and self correction. It’s OK to cry sometimes. For both children and grown-ups, crying can be a healthy way to deal with a significant loss, pain or sadness. When your child expresses these feelings to you, try to listen, comfort and reassure him that his feelings are OK.

And As for me,when I pour out and cry like a child, it resets my emotional meter. I feel Alive. I feel more in control . I feel braver. So, I am not afraid of looking weak because it takes only a strong person to cry. Crying grounds me.

This faux pas of getting wet is what I am not ashamed of  !! 😉 😂

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